Testing 24th of July 2020

Hi all,

We’ve just finished up another day’s testing at Mondello Park before the racing begins on Sunday, and although it was a full day, running was very limited due to some technical gremlins and some very heavy weather.

The car today was quick and predictable and left me full of confidence for qualifying on Sunday morning. There was not much running in the dry but when it was I found it comfortable to approach the limit, and to push it that bit more in qualifying shouldn’t be a huge ask.

It was mostly dry in the morning sessions which I missed a few of after a loss of power, but this was fixed quickly thanks to the lads at Newsome Racing. Then going back out in the afternoon session which began damp in the first session (Lots of drifting practise in anyway!) and became treacherous by 4PM. I decided not to run the car in that sort of rain thinking of preserving the car, and myself. The weather will hopefully hold off Sunday anyways, but the running i did do in the wet will stand to me if it comes to it I think.

The limited running I did get in the dry was good and I look forward to Sunday.

-Anthony Conway

from Instagram @a_conway115

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2 thoughts on “Testing 24th of July 2020

  1. Your looking brilliant Anthony, best of luck for Sunday. Will be following you through your website which is a credit to you. Qualifying for you, will be a walk in the park.

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