Round 6/7 – 26th September 2020

Hi all,

It was my last race weekend of the year this weekend just gone, and my first time having a decent engine behind me to race with I was looking forward to a good race with the potential for possibly my first decent result ever.

Nice shot I took in the sunset Friday evening

friday testing

We arrived early Friday morning with a new engine installed in the back and hopes high for a good result this time out. In the first quick session I had, I beat beat my previous qualifying by over 1.5 seconds and was making good progress throughout the day.

Engine cover off during testing

Despite limited running during the day I felt confident going into Saturday morning that I could improve my times and be competitive.

Early saturday – qualifying

Qualifying at 8:50 AM (Far too early for me!) went fairly decent on a freezing cold morning. No tow, and there was a small few mistakes in the lap and it put me P12, which was my highest qualifying to date. I knew I was a lot faster than that time had let on, though so I was happy to have a fun race ahead of me.

race 1 – bursting clouds

As soon as we lined up in paddock assembly the skies opened up from above, soaking the track and setting me up for my first full wet race. This was exciting for me since I had been running well in the wet test sessions I had done up until then.

Off the start I had a whole load of wheelspin which set me back 6 or 7 positions off the line, most of which were gained back fairly quickly, with one being made all the way around the outside of the hairpin! Quite proud of that one I must say.

After settling back into position after the bad start, I had made a gap to the group behind and was gaining on the car in front who was in P10 at the time. As I got closer, picking up on the occasional mistake I was getting to the point where I was ready to think about making a move and the engine unfortunately let go coming out of the hairpin, and just like that the weekend was over. I pulled the car to the grass after debtors to end the season prematurely on a weekend that should’ve yielded a good result.

Pushing the car to the recovery truck
Thanks to Jimmy Graham for the photos in this entry

I’ve also put together a short highlights video for your viewing, click here to watch.

final thoughts – concluding the season

After my first season of Formula Vee, I can be fully sure that I’ve done a lot of learning. There’s been ups and downs, and looking at the results sheets where I’m only classified for 2 of my seven races you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a bad year. But, I don’t think it was really. I’ve been unfortunate, I’ve made mistakes, but as the late Niki Lauda would say you always learn more from the losses than the victories. And so, while it is tough not to walk away with a good result from a season I can be fully sure that next season I will be ready to come back stronger than ever.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support throughout the year; friends, family, competitors, sponsors, and those of you who just like reading the things that I post on my far-too-serious social medias! 😆

It’s a long winter ahead and I look forward to getting back on track as early as possible next year.

-Anthony Conway

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